Beyond Tellerrand with my #coffeemonsters

Beyond Tellerrand 2012 – Improvisation, coffee and talks


#Coffeemonsters – Yay!

First of all i have to thank Marc – the MAN – Thiele for inviting me over to join the „beyond tellerrand web conference (exhibition) 2012„. I was stoked to be part of it. Here is a quick summary of the „Coffeemonster Story“ so far and what i did before i went to the wonderful Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf on 19-20.11.2012: I created my coffeemonsters a year ago in cold november and did it almost everyday since then. In the meantime lots of people like those little fellas on instagram and on facebook. Then, on november 11th 2012 i took a huge step and started to show my work for REAL. The first exhibition has been in the „cinema south“ in Krefeld, my current residence. I loved it and invited two singer/songwriters over to sing their songs at the vernissage. The exhibition has been in the foyer whilst they played the stage in the cinema itself. About 150 people showed up to look at my work (!). Damn that was cool to see the pictures hanging on the wall – people walking by, stopping, going on, stopping again, watch again – just awesome. Everyone had a real nice sunday and even i have been chilled compared to my excitement before. Wohow. I had to answer lots of questions and made up an improvised 5minute talk with FAQ about my monsters. Well, when i first released the date of that particular exhibition Marc already had asked me to join his beyond tellerrand exhibition. Sure i said yes to this super nice guy i know from making music in Krefeld (Hails to Krefeld 8ung). So my next step was: beyond tellerrand 2012 as my second exhibition ever.

I arrived at 7:30 a.m. – god, do i hate the early bird – with my friends in Holger and José who work as Illhill and Cooliba and did some live silk-printing at the conference. Sadly we found no tables and no walls to put my pictures („No nails in dat wall, mister!“) or Holgers silk-printing-machine. Quickly asked Marc and then guide for Guido… no, Guido for guide. A nice dude helping Marc to organize everything. Big shoutout to you! A few minutes later some tables were organized and we managed to show off our work. I must say: When the pictures hang on the wall it’s way cooler, but i managed to arrange everything in a way everyone was able to watch and see most of the monsters. The first talk began and i finally got me a coffee which was the first thing to enter my stomach that day after three hours. No wonder i’m thin like i am… *phew*

With my coffee in hand i joined Holger and José meeting up with Gio from Egon, a nice illustated character which can also be found on the btconf2012 shirts. Next to us was Kai with his very very good read „Offscreen„. Also a nice dude. Only good people around including Betty who made every volunteer personalized ear plugs. You’re lovely. Let’s meet again at all those cool metal concerts you were talking about! Cool.
After drinking my coffee i spilled some on paper to create #bfconf monsters with every coffee i drink at btconf. I thought that would be a great idea and posted them frequently to the twitter walls. I may add them later on so you can watch them again. Two of them will find a home at Marcs place and the rest will be a cool souvenir. I will post them seperately with another article.

Here is some pictures from my exhibition place:



As exhibitor i could not watch all the talks but managed to see three or four which were only on design issues. But here is what i saw and, of course, liked very much…

The Talks

Whilst i have been mostly outside in the exhibition area connecting with the cool people of Egon (he created the #btconf shirt 2012), Offscreen (what a cool magazine is that?!?) and Illhill (friends doing streetwear and a special btconf shirt in live-silk-print), inside the talks kicked off. I managed to see some of them and want to give you some short wrapups (haha. in wrapups is the word „pups“ wich means „fart“ in german. Sorry, just had to laugh.).

Nadine Chahine

My first talk to attend was the first talk of the day because i’m interested in type since university. Nadine is a type designer and into optimizing readability. She really looked neat on stage and had a compelling talk about the movement of the eye and that it is totally natural for eyes to pick up several words in one section and then move on to the next one. That may be problematic if you try to create content that should definitely win the visitor over. Conclusion for me: Write well to avoid unnecassary words that kill the readability. Good talk even if there has been much information i already had from my design studies. University seems to be good for learning after all…

Geri Coady

Some colour please. Colour is a cool feature in life. It makes it colourful. Who would have guesses that, ha? But some people are not that fortunate and „only“ see shades of green or blue or… there are many people who cannot see colours correctly. They are about 7% of the worlds population which means they are, for gods sake, many people. And we as designers should think about making the web more accessible for those people. Geri pointed out some tricks to cover colour-blindness without leaving the colours behind. Most of all she showed some buttons that are well designed and shaped in ways everyone can understand their meaning. For a good example she looked into the skype buttons. Go to your skype and watch ‚em make it beautiful now. Gogo! They’re really cool and even if you are colourblind you may recognize what purpose they have. Earlier in her talk she showed several examples for software to create colour-schemes like Adobes „kuler“ does. She showed some other programs, but i think they all had the same function. Ok. That colour-picker-stuff was a bit boring for me, but she presented it passionately and won the audience. Good talk!

After those two talks and many visitors and cookie lovers i grabbed a beer and some gin-tonic. I don’t know how late it was but we actually hung out with some speakers at the hotel lounge and have been only three in the late hours talking about games and music. It may have sounded like this: „fghajkgggi!!!“ Other one: „sfdngjn No“ Third one: „g fg sgji sddhu!!!“ We had a happy time. :D

Day two. God forgive, but i had the power to hear one talk in full-lenght and then had to stop because my brain was laggy.

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Aw, she was cool. She really had a thing for sketches and improvisation to get creativity rolling. And she almost wrapped up my life with her talk because i am improvising since day one, as it seems. She does great sketches at conferences to wrap up the talks and has a cool flickr gallery you have to watch! She trys to see creation as a challenge for her day to day life and searches for it in everything and nothing. I really liked the talk and the pictures and videos she showed to the audience, making jokes about life and coincidence as a creative tool. And suddenly everyone was in a flow, listening to her flowing talk. She also gave insight to her personal work with tea-stains, you remember that i do exactly that with coffee, and sketches. I first found it hard to realize that someone had almost the same idea as i had, but then my old spelling came into my mind: „When you have an idea, someone else has got it too. Better make it happen fast.“ Perhaps i should make a talk about that and investigate more in this particular matter. If i do not: The other person who’s got that thought right now shall feel free and create it for me to witness my spelling is true. Back to Eva-Lotta. To wrap it up quickly: She loves playing because of all the fun and creativity coming along. And you should too, because she’s right.

After her talk i shortly catched up with her. She’s a really lovely person. Hope to see her again some time. Perhaps join forces and do tea-coffee-stain-books. :D

But there was more, was it?

Yes, i know. And i saw two more talks from Hellicar and Lewis and Ben Bodien in parts but i cannot wrap em up properly so i will not give you more information about them even if they were very good. Escpecially Hellicar and Lewis rocked it because they worked very well as a team. Ha. Okay. Enough. I have no idea how to sum it up.
Like i said 2011: Thanks to Marc Thiele who made it all happen. Much love to your family of five! ♥



Impressions #btconf 2012 foyer/exhibition:

Illhill Straßenklamotte

Gio and Holger

Quit slackin‘ and make shit happen



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