the coffeemonsters

the coffeemonsters

Inspiration comes from everywhere

The daily inspiration comes from coincidence and nothingness. Ether. Airwaves. Something you cannot get a hold on. And from coffee. I’m daily inspired by coffee and started to spill some drops on paper. Everyday. Just to create something out of nothing. Creativity comes into play when i check the stains and try to take them for something. And almost every day there is a new coffeemonster emerging from the unknown. Never the same. Keep looking out for those little evil sweeties on instagram, Facebook or twitter. You may also check out the store for originals and my book here „the coffeemonsters online“ and the store for some merch produced and shipped by society6 here „the coffeemonsters on society6

The Coffeemonsters Book

You’ll find an actual BOOK here. I’m a little proud of it. No. Not just a little. I’m really proud this kickstarter-campaign turned into a reality.
Just wow and thank you to all supporters! Here you go: „The Coffeemonsters Book

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